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Sora Cosmetics Wind in Dubai!

Sora Cosmetics, one of the leading companies in the cosmetics industry, once again demonstrated its success. The brand, which has embraced the theme of “personal care” in the sector for years and has achieved many successes, introduced its products suitable for everyone at the fair along with its products. You can find the best of the field with the innovative products of every period and you can try our quality products.

We announced the name of Sora Cosmetics to the whole world once again with a special fair held this year. With an effective service and a successful presentation, we were able to create an innovative cosmetics field in Dubai. At Beautyworld Middle East Dubai, we managed to draw a new direction to beauty and care with the wind of Sora Cosmetics!

Beautyworld Middle East Dubai!

At Beautyworld Middle East Dubai, which took place between October 31st and November 2nd, the pearl of the sector showed up in Dubai with its renewed structure and products. We were highly appreciated by all our customers, who had the opportunity to try our products as well as to introduce our products during the fair. Sora Cosmetics has met you again with its renewed structure by catching the day and beauty.

Due to the fact that our products are natural and have a special side to each person, they have received great appreciation. As part of this annual event, we successfully represented the cosmetics industry this year. We have shown once again that we are working to produce the best for you, together with the quality of our products and the service they offer. 

Beautyworld Middle East Dubai Fair is a successful fair that has shown itself in the international arena. As Sora Cosmetics, we were able to prove ourselves once again in the international arena by gaining great appreciation for our products. We always pay attention to develop the best ones for you by producing a care product suitable for every skin, together with the feedback from our customers. We develop, improve and bring you together with quality.

What is Sora Cosmetics?

Serving since 1981, Sora Cosmetics has brought a new perspective to the present by keeping the cosmetics structure in mind in the sector. Although it shows itself in an international arena with its successes, it works without sacrificing quality. Our company, which produces the best with its structures renewed every year, had a successful fair in Dubai with all its products.

Sora Cosmetics Products!

While hosting the oldest structure of the cosmetics industry, we provide special works in the field. We share your home and beauty with our brands that have been on the shelves for many years. We always protect our place in the sector with our products such as Bebak and Morfose, which are among our brands.

As supporters of your personal care, we always produce skin-friendly products. We develop for you and provide special studies in our R&D unit. We improve our achievements with your feedback and always serve for the best. Without sacrificing quality, we continue to work for you to always take good care of your skin with our successful products.