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Our Brands


The foundation of beauty is laid the moment you are born. Inspired by this, Baby Powder Paris adds the most natural state to your every moment. We have never compromised our naturalness with our changing structure from yesterday to today. We have taken care to protect baby products without using anything chemical and to prepare a quality product.

Baby Powder Paris protects you with the products that accompany your every moment and provides the feature you want. It is specially produced for you in every situation, from body spray to room fragrance. It is one of the most special brands you can choose with its quality structure and wide product volume. If you care about naturalness and want to use effective products, Baby Powder Paris will be the right choice!


Sora Amore perfumes, which emerge with a feeling that extends from the first flutters of love to eternity, come with a power that will turn your head. You will create a special memory for you with our scents that will be included in your most special moments and make every moment immortal. Our products, which attract attention with their natural structure, create a special area not only for adults but also for children.

You can also delight children with light, pleasant scents that are not heavy. Sora Amore offers special products for you in every field as a distinct example of beauty. Along with our perfumes, it also provides quality for you in areas such as hair sprays and hair mousse. With the right production and quality materials, your skin will love these products!


The feelings of the scents and the pleasures they create are indescribably beautiful. When we go deep into history, perfumes made to cover up bad smells accompany the most special moments of our day. While BEK presents the essence of the perfume in the best way, it traps you in long-lasting fragrances! The most important factor in your skin is allergens.

BEK, with its special formulas, provides an effective use without any harm to your skin. We create an area that you can use at any time or in every season with our special scents for men and women. You can find the fragrance, which is the chief architect of your most special moments, in BEK and use it safely. All our scents you will come across will introduce you to a completely different world!


Fragrances bring out many different senses. You can go to many different memories such as your first love, the freshness of cleaning or a spring evening. Garden Collection has a special content prepared entirely based on these feelings. You can add freshness to your environment with air purifiers. At the same time, you can meet a structure with natural content with our cleaning products.

We offer you a new space by combining the confidence of the smell of the room with the pearls of cleanliness. Garden Collection will be the number one product of your home with indispensable scents and innovations. If you haven't found the scent you're looking for, it means you haven't tried the Garden Collection yet! We are getting ready to go to the corner of your home with our quality content and carefully prepared scents.


Storm, inspired by the power of the storm, is preparing to create new breezes in your world. While providing the best scents in all areas such as perfume, cologne, body spray, special productions are provided for your skin. Storm, which is one of the products that you can not give up with its long-term permanence, attracts everyone with its natural structure. By offering a different scent for each scent you want, we provide a product suitable for you and your skin.

We offer it with a special production that does not hurt in the production of shaving cologne. We create a service area for your needs in our products, each stage of which is thoughtfully through. Storm is waiting for you to try our products and get quality service. Everything you are looking for is at your door with one click!


Women always want a private space for themselves. Knowing this, Lady Storm managed to create a completely special area for you. We serve you with our products that are completely suitable for women, from perfume to hair perfume and shower gel. While we always offer the best in all our products, we are at your home with natural ingredients.

Lady Storm continues to provide special services to women as much more than a perfume. Genital area cleaner, which is among our products, is produced with a completely special formula in a way that does not cause any harm. We serve you with quality products by providing meticulous control at every stage. Lady Storm is waiting for you for the right product and good service!


Prepared with natural ingredients for children, Storm Kids will be one of the best choices with its special structure and formula. All natural extracts are used in perfumes produced with the guarantee of Sora Cosmetics. In every note, it will spread completely without harming your children's skin. Children will love our products, which you will meet with a different scent at every stage!

Prepared by expert teams, Storm Kids is controlled at every stage from preparation to production. In this way, we support the production of a product that does not harm children. We offer you a special area with a guarantee of quality service and trust. They can be used at any time with the light scents that your children will love and they will not encounter the slightest harm. We produce and develop for you.


Secrets are the most important details that only one person knows. Secret of Lady, where all secrets come together, continues to create mystery with its quality products suitable for women's nature. It will attract you with its special formulas and lasting and long-lasting scents. When you want to be one of the leading roles of the scent memory, your choice of Secret of Lady will assign you to this role.

We mix different essences with the most special fragrance extracts we have chosen for you and reveal the special scent for you. You can try all our scents to find the scent that is compatible with your skin and have the best. We always continue to offer the best with the structure we have developed for you.


Perfume should first be in harmony with the skin. The first note you smell does not give you the real effect of the perfume. However, the scent that dissipates over time finds its own essence and merges with the skin. In this way, by presenting its essence, you will meet that fragrance you have always dreamed of. Virgin Woman offers a special perfume area that fully understands the female nature and produces products unique to this nature.

While offering a special area for the women's world, you can find all the fragrance products you are looking for in a single area. You can meet many different scents, from floral scents to spice scents. Even if you don't want to smell these scents on your skin, you can spread that wonderful scent to every corner of your home with an air freshener. Virgin Woman understands you and produces for you!


It would be a great injustice for Lost Men to think that you can see the power of spices in only one area. Our products, which bring you together with the special scents of the men's world, also offer you the strong side of spices. You can attract all the attention with our perfumes, which will be the most special guest of your every moment, and you can use them without harming your skin with a quality content.

Lost Men provides a service for all your needs with its perfume, deodorant and roll-on products. Although it is one of the best in its field, it recognizes the right scents and provides you with the most striking note. If you haven't found the scent of your skin yet, you should not forget to try our perfumes. There's always a scent made specifically for you. That scent is hidden in Lost Men!


Floral scents emitted by the spring breezes, the sad side of autumn and all scents that evoke strong emotions are all in Room! Offering innovations and scents that your skin cannot give up, Room offers you a special structure in every area. It is waiting for you with a structure where you can easily find what you want according to the fragrance group you prefer and which will be remembered! Room does not only serve you with its perfumes.

He cares about your hair as much as your fragrance. You can have soft and wonderful looking hair with our shampoos and conditioners specially produced according to the hair structure. It will be an indispensable product with its correct use and natural content. We are working to offer you the world you want with our products that are always with you.


Your hair is one of the most important details that complete your look. You should take care of them as well as you take care of your skin. At this stage, you can make an effective care with the natural content Wow shampoos that we have produced specially for you. Give your hair the value it needs with shiny hair and a healthy look! We offer babies more of the value we give to you and welcome you with our best baby shampoos.

We continue to offer the best with our products, which are produced without any chemicals and controlled at every stage. Wow is one of the most special companies that has proven its success in its field. Don't forget to try the body gel and face peeling we have produced for you. Quality is one of the most important secrets of a great success!


The male world is divided into different areas within itself. A separate product and quality content for each area is very important. You should not use even a single product that can spoil your skin and you should pay attention to every ingredient. In this respect, your skin is now safe with ECI, which always offers you a natural structure! ECI accompanies you at every moment with its special structure.

We offer you our products with careful preparation at every stage, from shaving to body spray. ECI, being the crown jewel of the men's world, offers a special and natural product for women. If you haven't tried our body spray and hair gel yet, you're missing out. ECI is waiting for you as one of the indispensable parties of the renewed world!


Cosmetics are divided into many different categories within themselves. In order to present the best in this field and to convey what is desired with the right formulas, Ossion offers the products it produces with special formulas. We offer you all the products you are looking for, from hand cleaning spray to hair serum, with the highest quality. Our products, which are carefully controlled at every stage, never compromise on quality standards.

We provide a skin-friendly production area in every product produced with the guarantee of Sora Cosmetics, the pearl of cosmetics. Our products have an indispensable structure with their completely natural ingredients. Ossion offers everything you are looking for in a single area and attracts you with its different scents. With a successful product and skin-friendly structure, you will not want to leave it with you!



Fragrances have their own memories and skin harmony occurs. You can find the most suitable scent for your skin with Lady Secret for each scent and create your own secret. We are waiting for you with our scents that will catch the right harmony with your skin, although its content consists of a completely natural structure. All of our fragrances produced specifically for women are inspired by the depths of history and floral spring breezes.

With Lady Secret, which we have produced exclusively for women, we allow you to reveal all your beauty and attract attention in every area. We offer our best products for you and we work to be with you at every moment. In addition to the dazzlingness of our perfumes, we give extra importance to take our place in your bag with our hand cream.


Cleaning is not just about chemicals. You can make a nice and quality cleaning with every product used correctly. You can switch to a quality lifestyle, especially by giving importance to the cleanliness of the air that fills every area of ​​your home. Here is the Tropicana air cleaner product, which offers a great service in this regard! The key to a quality life away from bacteria is now in Tropicana!

As with the air cleaner, we also provide service in a separate area for your home. Instead of throwing away your old furniture, you can renew it with Tropicana furniture polish and continue to use it. We always provide and develop special services for the best. We continue to work so that you can offer the clean, high quality and best version of your home.


The pearl of cosmetics, the perfume industry can present different dynamics at any time. With all these dynamics and changing structures, we provide a special product scale. We use special formulas to ensure the uniqueness and permanence of fragrances and offer a skin-friendly product with the 4 Square difference. We provide a special area with our scents that women, men and children can use safely.

From light scents to heavy scents, you can find products that are completely compatible with your skin. If you haven't found the right product for your skin yet, it means you haven't tried 4 Square. You will be noticed in all environments with our scents that will attract you with their long-term permanence and the depth of their scents. We always work more for the best and produce for you.


We have created a world where you can be noticed at any time with our special scented body sprays prepared with the inspirations of the ancient world. Niche Diamodis is coming to color your world with its natural structure and special scents. The body spray can be used whenever you want as it prevents odor.

Although it is not in the same category as perfume, it has long-term use and fragrance spread. You can try different scents in it and find the right scent that matches your body. We aimed to create a natural and high quality content area for you in all our products. Niche Diamodis will be an indispensable product to find the right scent and capture the pleasant moments you want!


History presents the development of fragrances with many different details. But the most beautiful fragrances are always produced for women. Based on this idea, Modelite creates a special area for the women's deodorant world, allowing you to collect all your favorite scents in one area. If you haven't found the scent you're looking for yet, you can try Modelite. We have no doubt that you will find that scent!

Modelite is a special product that creates its own world. It contains all the scents you are looking for with its wide scent scale. With its long-term permanence, you can easily achieve the desired effect. If you are as attentive as we are about smelling good and permanence, you have found the right product. We produce, develop and always work harder for the best for you!