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Cookie Policy


We, as Sora Kozmetik Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Sora Cosmetics”), value the protection of your personal data

We, as Sora Kozmetik Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Sora Cosmetics”), value the protection of your personal data and thus expect you to show the same sensitivity. Therefore, your reading this text, which thoroughly clarifies which of your personal data we use and the reasons thereof, and demonstrating your clear understanding of the obligations of Sora Cosmetics, which, in its capacity as a “Data Controller”, is responsible for such data’s administrative and technical security, profoundly matters to us.

Why am I reading this text?

Article 10 of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (the “LPPD”), which entered into force on 07 April 2016, requires that the persons whose personal data are processed (used) (referred to as the “relevant person” in the LPPD) be informed by the “Data Controller” using this data. We, as the Data Controller, are obliged to prove that you have been informed regarding the personal data that we will process about you.

Which of your personal data are used and how are these data obtained?

We, as Sora Cosmetics, obtain your personal data within the scope of this informative text by digital means (referred to as the “automatic” method in the LPPD) when you visit our website at Below are explanations as to which of your personal data are obtained and the legal bases therefor:

Data categoryYour Processed Personal DataLegal Basis for Obtainment
Process Security DataYour IP informationYour mentioned information is obtained by automatic means upon your visit to our Sora Cosmetics website on the legal basis that processing is necessary for the fulfillment of our legitimate interests, provided that your fundamental rights and freedoms will not be infringed thereby.
Marketing DataInformation on your visits, obtained through cookies (the Google Analytics code identifying whether the visiting person is a natural person, the frequency, duration, and number of your visits, the pages you visited)Obtained by automatic means and with your explicit consent upon your visit to our Sora Cosmetics website.


For what purposes and on what legal basis are your personal data that are obtained used?

The following chart by Sora Cosmetics details the purposes of processing personal data within the scope of the activity in relation to which the obligation to inform is fulfilled. Each purpose of processing personal data is paired with the categories of personal data used for the purpose and the respective legal basis.

Relevant Personal Data CategoryLegal Basis for ProcessingPurpose of Processing Personal Data
Your data in the process security categoryis processed on the legal basis that processing is necessary for us to fulfill our legal obligation

for the purposes of

  • ensuring our website’s security,
  • storing your preferences regarding cookies.
Your data in the marketing categoryis processed with your explicit content

for the purposes of

  • analytical measurements to be conducted by our business partners whose servers are located abroad, with respect to the usage by the visitors of Sora Cosmetics website,
  • improving our services that are aimed at visitor activities discovered through analytical measurements,
  • increasing the number of visits to Sora Cosmetics website,
  • directing potential clients to Sora Cosmetics website,
  • determining the product preferences of visitors and Sora Cosmetics customers and organizing advertisements, campaigns, and promotions in accordance with these preferences,
  • carrying out advertising activities.

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Are your personal data transferred to others?

Within the scope of our activities carried out with cookies, your personal data may be transferred to developers and to service providers whose servers are located abroad for the purposes of customizing and developing Sora Cosmetics services for you and carrying out marketing activities.

What rights does the LPPD confer on you?

For you to be able to have control over your own personal data, the LPPD provides you with many rights including without limitation the rights (a) to be informed of whether your personal data is processed; (b) if processed, to request information thereon; (c) to be informed of the purposes of the processing and