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Human Rights Political

Human Rights Political

Sora Cosmetics Laboratories Inc. As (“Sora Kozmetik”), our aim is to offer our products and services to our customers with increasing quality. We support this process by making the necessary investments to make our Quality, Social Responsibility and Environment principles a service standard, and by carefully following national and international rules in order to protect the rights of our employees.

Sora Cosmetics Laboratories Inc. (“Sora Kozmetik”) aims to serve its customers with the highest quality and performance at the most affordable price, with its quality understanding and vision. 

As an organization that is aware of its social responsibilities and attaches importance to the environment, it is vital for us to take the necessary precautions to minimize our negative impacts on the environment during all our activities. 

As management, we believe that we can achieve our goals through the adoption and serious implementation of our ‘Quality, Social Responsibility and Environment’ policies together with our employees.

Our company; While performing the services it provides with Social Compliance Standards, it accepts and undertakes to act to ensure all the rights of its employees arising from the law and relevant standards. The implementation and continuity of this policy will be carried out with the following principles:

Management system, transparency and traceability

Our company puts policies, procedures and instructions into effect in order to cooperate with its customers and responsible sub-manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in a transparent environment and expects full compliance with this system. Through these policies, it has developed a system that prevents corruption and bribery in all its activities.

Preventing Child Labor

Our company adheres to the minimum age provisions of national and international applicable laws and regulations. The use of child labor is prohibited within our own organization and in all sub-manufacturers, suppliers and service providers we work with. We absolutely stand against child colonialism.

Special Protection for Young Workers

Our company ensures that young employees do not work at night and are protected from conditions that are harmful to their health, safety, moral values ​​and development. By placing emphasis on ensuring that young workers have access to effective complaint mechanisms and Occupational Health and Safety training systems and programs, the necessary mechanisms have been established to prevent, identify and reduce harm to young workers.

Preventing Precarious Work

Our company prevents employment relations from causing distrust and social or economic difficulties for its employees. Employees are provided with understandable information about their rights, responsibilities and working conditions, including working hours, wages and payment conditions, through orientation training. All rights arising from the employment contract are protected by mutual signature.

Preventing the Payment of Debts with Labor

Our company does not resort to any system such as servitude, forced labor, debt payment with labor, permanent apprenticeship, illegal employment or involuntary employment.Employees are given the right to leave their jobs freely and terminate their employment contracts, provided that they notify the employer within a reasonable time.

Our company has developed procedures to ensure that its employees are not subjected to inhumane conditions or degrading treatment, corporal punishment, mental or physical pressure and/or verbal abuse.

Forced Labor

Our company prohibits all forms of forced labor. All our employees have equal rights in the decision to work overtime and no employee can be forced to work overtime. There is absolutely no concession to oppressive and forced labor.


Our company is very sensitive about equal opportunity and having equal rights. There is no discrimination based on religion, language, race, gender, colour, nationality or social origin, age or disability during the recruitment and placement stages, remuneration, promotion and retirement practices.

Situations that cause such discrimination cannot be tolerated by our company.

Decent Working Hours

Normal working hours in our company are 45 hours per week as specified by law.The normal working hours of young workers are 40 hours per week as specified by law. Our employees have a 24-hour uninterrupted week holiday one day a week.

Occupational health and Safety

Our company provides its employees with a healthy, safe and clean working environment. All our machines and equipment are periodically checked and maintained. Our employees are provided with personal protective equipment and free healthcare services are provided within the company. Monitors the compliance of the working environment with all applicable laws and regulations with an occupational safety expert. Studies are being carried out to minimize the risks in our production area. Occupational health and safety training is provided to all personnel.

Right to Report Requests & Complaints

We have adopted the principle of listening to all the complaints of all our employees and finding solutions to them. An open door policy is implemented. Employees are free to report their requests and complaints through the Wish & Complaint boxes and Worker Representatives.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Rights

Our company undertakes to respect the rights of employees to organize, sign collective bargaining agreements and become members of unions.

All our employees, without discrimination, have the right to form a union, become a member of a union and have the right to collective bargaining. There is no negative attitude towards workers due to the use of such rights.

Workers’ representatives can freely carry out their representative duties in the workplace.

Disciplinary Practices

All our employees must treat each other with respect within the framework of business seriousness. Corporal punishment, unlawful disciplinary practices, and mental and physical pressure are unacceptable. Disciplinary practices are carried out in accordance with national and international laws, if deemed necessary.